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. in this particular case, this technology has been demonstrated back in 2010. the department of defense work bircher --m called walter that was to fly for five --rs at high altar to allow themnd would to have internet in the parts of the world that do not. >> a drone that can provide internet access. we should think of it like a satellite? orbiting satellite that has the ability to maneuver within the band they want to to sell for the conductivity of communication. if you look at africa, those that skipped a generation of cell phones. they never put power lines or hard cable lines in the ground. now they have cell phone coverage. this is the exact same thing they will do with the internet, skip a generation of the internet and now go through low-flying orbital satellites that are called unmanned aircraft systems or drones. would this compare to what google has been focused on? both of the companies are more interested in more people using internet around the globe. >> what google is doing is they were looking at balloons that would fly at the higher altitudes that would allow them to again use it as
. >> is edwards noted a hero or traitor? it had nothing to do with privacy. andad to do with defense strategic threats. the army and navy and marines had nothing to do with anybody's privacy. it had to do with information that was damaging to our military. in ady who looks at it logical way looks at the information that he stole, it is hard to walk away and think that doing it to our enemy was anything less than treasonous. >> he may have gotten help from russia to carry this out. the technical capability of what he did was beyond his own. why do you think that? >> i look at this as a former fbi agent. there is a whole history starting in 2010. there is a large degree of suspicious behavior leading up to his decision to steal information. 95% of it had nothing to do with privacy issues or what the nsa was or was not doing to the citizens. information upth or texts of the united states and allows the army to protect soldiers overseas. it allowed the navy to protect itself in the south china sea. he may not have understood that information existed. we want to know how the scrape tool was develop
not have the approval to do so. years held the monopoly. it's a joint venture between defense giants, lockheed martin and boeing. ceo says that he does not think that breaking up that monopoly in the name of competition will really have that big of a payoff. take a listen. >> they are important questions about how competitions will be structured. to ensure they are fair and open, and whether competition will actually save the savings promised. ultimately the question is whether savings from competition will be sufficient to offset the cost of duplicating existing capabilities. >> that is a sentiment not shared by the pentagon. they will later this year be opening up 14 more missions, four new entrances like spacex to take a chance of entering that market. >> any talk about russia today? i know that he told our rachel , embarrassing the u.s. has to thumb rides to russia. did that, but all? >> it did. -- come up at all? >> it did. musk pointed out that united launch alliance, the engine is actually manufactured in russia. iszing on everything that happening right now, the proposed econ
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)